What to do immediately when you get a burn


Immediately rinse or submerge the area with cold water for 15-20 minutes. Remove any clothing or other objects that may come in contact with the area. Do not apply ice as this may cause more damage.


  • Assess the damage. Is it a 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree?
  • 1st degree- redness, no blisters
  • 2nd– redness , blistering
  • 3rd– top layer of skin gone , has been burned away. For 3rd degree seek medical attention immediately.

If you have any question as to the seriousness of your burn,always consult a physician immediately. Burns can convert to a more serious degree hours after the initial insult.


Treat 1st and 2nd degree burns!
After rinsing, air dry and liberally apply Burn Cream MD®. Immediately you will start to feel relief. If it is a first degree burn , it does not need to be covered. Simply reapply Burn Cream MD® through the day for relief ( 4-5 times as needed). After the first day reapply  twice a day until healed.
If it is a second degree burn: apply Burn Cream MD®, cover with a  non stick bandage, then  loosely cover with guaze. Change the dressing twice a day until healed. Remember to gently cleanse the area after removing the bandage, apply for Burn Cream MD® and cover.
Different body parts heal at different rates. The face tends to heal faster ( about 1 week) than the extremities and the trunk ( up to two weeks). If at any time the area becomes redder or more painful, medical attention should be sought immediately . Burns are open wounds and subject to possible infection. Note: if your first or second-degree burn covers a large area, greater than 3 inches in diameter, or the burn is on the hands, feet, major joint, face, groin or buttocks, this is a considered a major burn and you should seek medical attention immediately.


Follow up.
Burns go through different healing phases and can darken the skin. Protection from sun exposure is extremely important for one year after a burn. Burns can also develop contractions or tightening of the area, especially over bending areas. It is important to massage the area once healed . If there is any question of long term healing, seek medical attention..