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I’m a busy mom on the go and no stranger to accidents in the kitchen! Meals times can be quite chaotic. During the rush of meal time, it is easy to forget and touch a hot pan or get splashed with boiling water or grease. I’m sure most of you can relate. The kitchen isn’t the only place of burn accidents at my house! Mornings I am rushing around trying to get ready and again, I’m sure you can relate, that dreaded burn from the curling or flat iron! A one second touch and you have a burn that stings like the devil! When these accidents happen, we want something that will sooth the pain and the quicker the better! That’s where Burn Cream MD comes in! …[W]hile we were traveling we did have a few cuts and scrapes and hubby got a bit sunburned one day. So I put the Burn MD cream on and it made the sunburn feel better according to hubby and the minor cuts healed very quickly. Gotta love it! They come in individual packets so it’s easy to keep some in your handbag, first aid kit in your home and in your car!

Michelle S.
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Overall, Burn Cream MD® helps with discomfort and moisturizes the wound, especially during the initial stage of the burn period – less sensitizing of damaged skin causes less problems with less irritation and dryness.

P. Zam
Pharmacist, Zitomer Pharmacy, NYC

Zitomer Pharmacy, NYC


So glad to have found you.  I use to buy your product from Harold Import Co. and my customers loved it.  When I went to place my order last year, they told me they did not carry it anymore.  I was hysterical. Finally tracked you down. 

Sheilah Kaufman
Kaufman’s Cupboard, MD


Given that we work up close with our cooking class students it’s nice that there isn’t an overtly medicinal smell. Our employee was anointed with your ointment, bandaged up and right back to business with a smile!

Mark Bello
Pizza a Casa Pizza School, New York City

Pizza A Casa Pizza School


Simply amazing! After burning myself while baking, I was concerned about the scar it may leave on my skin. I immediately used Burn Cream MD and not only did it stop the sting from the burn, my skin also healed quickly and with no scar left behind. Burn Cream MD is a MUST for every household.

Daniela Z.


I had burnt my finger on the oven grill rack. I realized that it was really starting to hurt. I remembered that I had BURN CREAM to Go. I applied the salve and moments later I was pain free.

Jillian L.

Dear Burn Cream, MD,
I was using a hot glue gun for holiday
crafts, and some hot glue stuck to two of my fingers. As anyone who has used a hot glue gun knows, it really burns and continues to burn until you get it off.
I put my hand under cold water to harden the glue and pealed off the now hardened glue.  Blisters started to form, and they were painful and the fingers were still burning.
I quickly applied the Burn Cream MD. And, voila, the burning stopped, which I expected, but amazingly the blisters disappeared. Within a short time it looked like there was never a burn injury.  So, Thank You Burn Cream for your amazing product.

With Sincere Thanks,
Valerie A.


Yes I love the Burn Cream.  I have used it myself on a burn I got from a wood stove.  I have given it to a friend that was burned badly with boiling water and it was a great relief.  Not only does it relieve the pain and start the healing process , I had no scar.  I highly recommend it.  I am also in the food industry and our cooks deal with fried food on a daily  basis.  I had given it out whenever someone get some hot oil on them.

Bravo !
Beth Larsen

Men’s Journal 

Yet not any standard first-aid paste will do. Antibiotic creams like Neosporin can help stop infection, but they don’t prevent pain or scarring; first-aid burn creams only relieve pain. To do all three, you need a product like Burn Cream MD, which Madfes developed while waitressing (and treating burns) in med school. Unlike other topical solutions, Burn Cream MD contains antioxidants like aloe vera and vitamin E to help prevent scarring; plus, it’s actually a lotion, not a cream, so it doesn’t cause irritation when going on. And even though many a pro chef would consider cooking scars to be badges of honor, is it any surprise that Mario Batali and Emeril say they use Burn Cream MD in their home kitchens?


Ciao bella! Italian skincare is now on the manu at Eataly. By Sheila McClear

Eataly’s no longer just about pasta and prosciutto. The Flatiron District’s one-stop Italian marketplace has added a new beauty section, with products that are either made in Italy or local and artisanal, in keeping with the Eataly ethos. Included are Rossella Roi’s olive-oil-based skin products; the gorgeous line of soaps and shampoo from Santa Maria Novella, a line founded in Florence in 1612; and Love Nature NYC, handcrafted in Brooklyn with all-natural ingredients.

Created by a dermatologist, recommended by chefs Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse and tested in professional kitchens, this burn-relief balm is a popular seller among the still-learning chef wannabes prowling the aisles of Eataly Beauty. Sold in individual packets, keep it on hand as you barbecue or get too close to the grill this summer!

Lauren Zeifman, r-PA-C

Doctor Testimonial- “As a cosmetic dermatological practioner, I perform various types of laser treatments which can leave patients with a burning sensation and some discomfort. The Burn Cream has been a staple for all of my post laser patients which takes the burn away and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent within minutes of application. My patients are amazed from this cream and how fast acting it works!!”


Paula Laurita

“This burn cream is an absolute must-have for any kitchen. It was created by a dermatologist and is the best burn cream I’ve ever used. It quickly releaves pain with lidocaine and has natural ingredients such as Arnica Montana flower extract, chamomile flower extract, aloe and vitamin E to speed healing and reduce scarring. Just as every kitchen should have a fire extinguisher it should also have Burn CreamMD.”


Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife: Review: Burn Cream MD

I totally believe a well filled first aid and illness kit can help a family make it through small “disasters” – if you have kids, you know all too well the bumps and bruises they get. One of the last things you want to run out of as a parent is bandages, let’s face it. Usually though, our first aid kits have plenty of bandages and gauze, but we forget other important things – such as supplies for burns. I don’t know about you, but on more than one occasion while cooking, I’ve managed to burn myself on hot dishes – or how about the time I forgot the burner had just been on? (gah!) …


CRAVE: Crave It Giveaway! Burn Cream MD (for your owies)

After having been in some professional kitchens, it is easy to see why you would keep Burn Cream MD around. Leaning once on a hot burner taught me to be a …


Imogen’s World Girl In The Know – MSN Life & Style

Posted on April 28, 2010
Burns. An unavoidable fact of life even if you don’t spend much time in the kitchen (although I use my oven for shoe storage I’m obviously a candidate for Masterchef… not!!).
Anyway, burns happen to us all. And the question is, how to treat them when they do? Clearly the first port of call must be NHS Direct as they obviously know best.
From my personal experience, I’ve been a longstanding fan of the healing properties of Vaseline. It really does get the heat out and soothes fast. But there is another new product on the market – check out Burn Cream MD. Created by a dermatologist who during medical school worked in her family’s restaurant and witnessed a lot of burns, it provides immediate relief, speeds healing and reduces scarring. Top chefs helped test it and now endorse it, so definitely consider purchasing some to have on hand for your kitchen emergencies.
Just don’t turn the oven on in my flat, that’s all I ask!!


A Must-Have Medicine Cabinet Item! « Real Moms

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review Burn Cream MD. It is an item I am so glad to have in my medicine cabinet in case of an emergency. Heaven forbid my little one ever get burned, but if he does I have something to help the healing process. But it isn’t just for kids. It is something I have on hand for the entire family…


Thanks, Mail Carrier

“In the future, the first thing I will reach for (while shaking my head that my husband doesn’t ever learn), will be Burn Cream MD…”


Arigato Steak House – Restaurant Manager Testimonial, Melvyn B. 

“I work for Arigato Japanese Steakhouse Greensboro, NC. The teppenyaki grills we cook on are set to reach temperatures of 500+ degrees. One of the chefs cooking on the table had an accident. He was wiping the grill top before he begins to cook, his hand slipped over the cloth and his palm lay flat on the grill (ouch)- his hand was burned. He left the table, came to me and reported the incident. I applied BURN CREAM MD on his palm and told him to sit in the kitchen, and if needed we will take him to the emergency room. He said the burn was hurting him badly and requested to go home. I asked him to give it 15 minutes and if he felt the same way after that, I would send him home. I went to check on him 10 minutes later, he said his hand did not hurt him as much, there was no swelling on his palm, applied more cream on his hand and within a half hour, he was ready to cook again. Thanks to BURN CREAM MD we did not lose a chef for that day and it also saved us money in terms of medical bills. It may seem pricey, but it is worth every penny.  It is the best burn cream I have ever used.”


Nutrition Services Department, Edgemoor Hospital – CA. 

“First off, I would love to tell you HOW MUCH OUR COOKS APPRECIATE your product! Its wonderful!
The cooks here will not use anything but the cream. I had a chance to try it out and it took the bite out of the burn right away!”
– Leslie C., Edgemoor Hospital, CA.

PTPA – Parents Tests, Parents Approved

Five randomly chosen moms tested BCMD. Here are some of their product evaluations answers.

Q – Did the product provide immediate pain relief to your pain?

A – “Yes it was soothing + absorbed immediately.”

Q – Is this product priced fairly?

A – “I think it is well priced especially for the relief it provides.”

Q – How does this burn cream compare to other methods of pain relief that you have used in the past?

A – “It’s so much better than going to the kitchen to concoct an old wives tale or having to apply an antiseptic, then take a pain medication and find someone to take you to the doctor.”

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